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10x10 mm, round, gemstone beads, Bloodstone, natural

Gemstone, héliotrope or Bloodstone, naturel, 10x10 mm, round beads - Mohs' hardness 6.5-7.0 - one unit is +/- 20 cm and has +/- 19 beads
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Heliotrope, also known as “Bloodstone”, is a dark green to dark blue-green opaque jasper with reddish spots of hematite or iron oxide (Fe2O3). The natural green color is produced by mineral sediments of marine water. Its name means “sun turning” in reference to the way it reflects light. It is the traditional birthstone of March and said to give courage, strength and good luck.

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Shop per Shape Round
Shop per Size 10x10 mm
Shop per Finishing Polished smooth
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