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Macramé with leather cord


  • Three lengths of leather cord – each four times the final length - http://dunebeads.com/en/leather-cord-and-leather-cord-necklaces
  • A clasp
  • A little glue
  • A big dose of patience

Weaving instructions:

  • Fold the bundle leather cords in two and make a loop with the left side on top of the right.
  • Keep the junction of the loop firmly in your hand.
  • Go with the end of the loop cord under the right side, then over the top right side of the loop you just made, then under the cords of the first fold and back up the left side of the loop.
  • Repeat on the other side.


  • try it first with S-lon weaving cord until you get sufficient insight in the movement.

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ColOR ADvise – WARM Tones

From coral to peach, orange comes in soft fruity shades or in hot vibrating ones. When thinking of orange, you may think of carnelian, but do not forget the orange-like metals : brass, gold and copper.

Orange with a touch of green takes you to the tropics. Traditionally orange and black refer to Halloween. For a 1960's design combine orange with pink. Make your medium blue, yellow or red pop by adding some orange.

A little eccentric, you add some orange and yellow or white to deep purple. For a sophisticated look combine orange with neutral colors such as blues or grays. Back to nature, you will love a mixture of brown, green and muted orange.

tropical orange - red-brown aventurine, sodalite, carnelian, moss green to deep green striped agate

From lemon to cream, yellow perks up a subdued cool color palette of gray or blue. Pale yellow works as a neutral color for dark colors.

Yellow, orange and red in deep colors offer a hot exotic combination, but in softer shades they form a fruity fresh summer creation. For a high contrast mix yellow with blue. Celebrate autumn with deep yellow, olive green and brown, have a look at Picasso jasper.

coral, colorado topaz, chestnut rhinestone, ammonite

Beige is an elegant neutral color that contains still some of the earthiness of brown. It is warmer and richer than white and can be found in various shades from ivory to tan.

Beige has the particularity of picking up the hue of yellow or pink when combined with them. For a subdued feminine touch, combine beige with purple or pink. To warm up your cool blues or turquoise, beige is your friend. To go on the earthy tour add some green, brown and orange. And if you would like to give a warm glow to your medium or dark color palette add a touch of beige.

 mashan jade, onyx, aqua striped agate, sunstone

Brown on the other hand is a color balancing between sophistication and tribal ancestry. The solidity of the earth has numerous shades from sand to chocolate and from ocher to Sienna and Umber.

Looking for a smart look, you could mix brown with deep purple, green, gray or golden vermilion. Searching for an earthy feeling, combine brown with green. Wishing a warmer variation for black, you l could opt for dark brown. Loving your browns, you can mellow the shade by adding yellow or orange.

Red stone, African turquoise, Tibetan agate, indigo blue spotted jasper

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