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September's Birthstones - in Blue: from rest to creativity

A September child celebrates life with precious blue sapphires, lapis Lazuli and asters or morning glories. The aster symbolizes love, faith and wisdom, while the morning glory signifies love and affection.

The sapphire belongs to the corundum (aluminum oxide) minerals and exists in all the colors of the rainbow. Ruby is the name of the red variety. Medium blue to violet blue are the most appreciated sapphire hues. This very hard gemstone is often heated to improve the color.

It is said to protect from harm and envy, and to bring down heaven's blessings to the wearer. It is used in meditation to create inner peace and stimulates personal expression. It is typically the 45th wedding anniversary gemstone.

Lapis-lazuli was considered the sapphire of the ancient world. It is an opaque semi-precious stone of a deep night blue color flecked with fool's gold. It used to be ground down to make the paint pigment ultramarine. It contains primarily lazurite, white calcite and specks of pyrite. The less it contains calcite, the more it is valuable.

This relatively soft gemstone is said to enhance one's insight, intellect and awareness. Lapis is the stone of creativity and truth. It is also supposed to help against insomnia and bring well-deserved rest.

Have a blessed birthday !