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June's Birthstones (2) - From sweet dreams to prosperity

Happy birthday to you, June child. Your birth flower, the rose, symbolizes love, beauty and appreciation in its many facets and comes in a large variety of sizes and shapes.

In Victorian times a red rose meant “I love you passionately”, a white and red one “we are inseparable” and an orange one “you are my secret love”. While a bouquet of roses expressed gratitude, a single rose stressed the color's meaning, like in “I really do love you”.

Your alternative birth month flower is the honeysuckle or the Lonicera. This sweet smelling climber produces an edible nectar that attracts the hummingbird. Its fruits, which are often mildly poisonous, allure butterflies. The white and yellow to red flowers smell even more towards the evening.

The honeysuckle symbolizes devoted love and affection.

Your traditional lucky stone is the so beloved agate. It is a kind of chalcedony, opaque to translucent, mixed with quartz that belongs to the silicate family. Agate is formed in cracks and cavities of lava or volcanic rock. As the water seeps slowly through the rock, it takes along a variety of minerals it encounters. As the circumstances of water shift constantly, the supplied minerals change. As a consequence the so formed layers vary in color and are alternated with quartz. Hence agate is often naturally banded and multi-colored. When the lava cavity is not completely filled with agate, the last layer will be constituted by quartz druse (druzy quartz), needle-shaped quartz growth.

It is said that agate offers protection, reduces stress and awakens hidden talents; the recipe for success and prosperity. Banded agate is supposed to give the sleeper pleasant and varied dreams.

Your alternative modern Birthstones are the pearl and the moonstone.  Pearls represent tranquility and serenity. They symbolize purity and innocence and are therefore found in the traditional necklace of the bride.

More about pearls, pearl knotting ... on http://dunebeads.com/fr/blog/month/2013-6 !

Moonstone belongs to the large feldspar family and to the same series as Labradorite. Its color goes from silvery white to reddish. This mineral is built up of thin layers of two kinds of feldspar and when light strikes the structural anomalies of its surface, it is fractured in different directions, causing a blue or a silvery shimmering effect, called adulascence. The more the stone is bluish and transparent, the more it is valuable. Moonstone is normally not enhanced.

Moonstone is supposed to offer protection, heighten intuition and reduce stress. It brings the sleeper peaceful nights.

A stress free and loving month awaits you, happy birthday!