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TIPS and TRICKS for NEWBIES – the turnaround of odd-count flat peyote - part 1

Once you master the even-count flat peyote stitch, you surely want to give the odd-count peyote a try as it also permits to create a diagonal.

Basically, you start in the same way as with the even-count peyote, but with an odd number of beads.

odd-count flat peyote for beginners


Gaining insight into how to fix the odd-count edge bead.

Supplies for a sample :

  • Delica 11/0 in two colors
  • the number of beads you set-up corresponds to the total of the first and second row together
  • S-lon thread D
  • James John needles no. 12
  • scissors and a beading surface

Weaving instructions for a sample in odd-count flat peyote:

  • take a comfortable length of thread
  • leave a long tail end, about 15 cm
  • add on a seed bead and go twice through it in order to fix the first bead
  • string an odd number of beads

odd-count flat peyote - starting

  • create the second row while weaving the third row: pick up one bead, skip one and go through the second bead, pick up one bead, skip one and to through the next bead, continue till you reach the end of the row
  • when you arrive at the end you will find out that you are no longer able to secure a bead between two other beads, as you miss a step-up bead
  • there are two techniques to fix the problem: the traditional turnaround and the figure 8 turn
  • note: all the odd-count bead turns will be situated at the tail side

odd-count flat peyote - 1st, 2nd and 3th row

The traditional turnaround:

  • in the traditional way you use the thread of the previous round to turn and make the step-up
  • for the first about-turn you pick up the last bead of the third row, after which you make a knot using the tail end

Odd-count flat peyote - knot with tail end

SEE - part 2

TIPS and TRICKS for NEWBIES – the turnaround of odd-count flat peyote - part 2

CONTINUATION: the odd-count flat peyote

  • then go back through the bead you just added, but in the opposite direction
  • after this you pick up a bead, go through a "high bead" and continue as before

odd-count flat peyote - go back thru last bead

  • the fourth row and all even-count rows are regular ones similar to even-count peyote
  • the fifth row and all odd-count rows are ending as followed: pick up the last bead and go with your needle under the thread at the edge of the previous row to create a loop

  • to find the edge thread: it is the visible thread at the edge of your work between the holes of the two last beads
  • then pass back in opposite direction through that last bead you added, pick up a bead and continue as usual

Odd-count flat peyote - turnaround

The figure 8 turn:

  • the figure 8 turn is a sturdier way of creating a turnaround as you zigzag through more beads, but it will also make your piece stiffer on one side
  • at the end of the third row and all odd-count rows: pick up the last bead and make a turn
  • going down in opposite direction: go back through the bead straight beneath it, zigzag by going through the bead in diagonal in the row beneath
  • going up and return: go straight up through the bead above in the opposite direction, continue and go down through the next bead in diagonal
  • you have arrived at the end of the one but last row
  • make a straight step-up by going back through the last bead you added
  • continue in the same way as with the even-count peyote stitch

Odd-count peyote - figure 8 turn


  • to start your odd-count flat peyote use the figure 8 turn and then switch to the traditional turnaround
  • use the figure 8 turns when creating a fan shape

Do not forget: have fun, because practice makes perfect. See you soon!