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LEARN and CREATE – bangle bracelet in tubular even-count peyote stitch - part 1

You have learned all about even-count flat peyote and are ready to attack the tubular version. Of course, you could just make a flat strip and zip it up, but for a rope necklace we surely recommend to use the tubular peyote stitch.
Contrary to flat peyote, where you use mainly tubular beads, type Delica's, this may as well be a seed bead as a Delica project.

tubular even count peyote


Understanding the thread path and controlling the thread tension.

Supplies for the bangle bracelet in tubular peyote stitch:

  • Japanese seed beads size 8/0
  • dowel or knitting needle or thick straw or a paper tube-shape
  • thread, needle
  • scissors and beading mat

Weaving instructions for the tubular even-count peyote stitch:

  • to get yourself organized make little stacks of 4 beads

tubular even count peyote - getting organized

  • take a length of thread and pick up 8 seed beads

tubular even count peyote - starting

  • to make a circle, stitch back through all the beads as well as two extra beads

tubular even count peyote - forming circle

  • put the circle over the right size dowel in the sense that the beads are aligning nicely
  • block the tail of your thread on the dowel with your fingers
  • to create the first row: *pick up a new bead, skip a bead and go through the next bead**

tubular even count peyote - first round

SEE - part 2

LEARN and CREATE – bangle bracelet in tubular even-count peyote stitch - part 2

CONTINUATION: tubular even-count peyote

  • this part is very much similar to flat peyote, but you will need to push the beads upwards to ensure a tubular shape
  • the moreover you have to regulate the thread tension so that every new bead stacks nicely on top of the preceding round
  • repeat * ... ** three more times
  • to go to the next row, make a step-up by going through the next bead in diagonal, that is also the one which sticks out

tubular even count peyote - step-up

  • continue as before, pick up a new bead (here also a new color), skip a bead and go through the next bead
  • repeat * ... ** three more time and create the next step-up

tubular even count peyote - 2nd round

  • do not forget to maintain sufficient tension in your thread
  • furthermore after each step-up you start a new little stack of beads (in our sample also another color)

tubular even count peyote - upwards to next round

  • persevere during the first few rounds, as things will get easier in the next rounds
  • if you take a good look at the sides in vertical direction, you will see an alternation of ascending and descending lines
  • after four or five rounds, your tubular shape will be a given and you can remove the dowel

tubular peyote

  • continue stitching till you have reached the desired length
  • connect the ends together as the teeth of a zipper by making diagonal passes through the beads

In for a more dainty rope or bangle,

  • use Delica's in size 11/0 or seed beads in size 15/0
  • … and have fun alternating colors.

Of course, we would love to see you choose your beads @ http://dunebeads.com/en/japanese-seed-beads !

Do not forget: have fun, because practice makes perfect. See you soon!