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LEARN and CREATE – the not so flat, flat Cellini bracelet - part 1

The flat Cellini stitch is nothing more than flat, even-count peyote, but with different bead sizes which will add a scalloped texture to your work and accentuate the diagonal movement in it. The design consists of small aba + large ABA waves mirroring each other.

flat Cellini


  • prior knowledge: flat even-count peyote
  • with the change of direction at the end of each row comes a change in perspective of the color & size choice which may seem daunting at first
  • with a line-up of 10 beads at the start, the double pattern of embracing a central bead is always incomplete on one side and as a consequence with each odd row you try to complete the design aba + ABA

Supplies for a flat Cellini bracelet:

  • 11/0 seed beads in 2 colors: 11/0 color A and 11/0 color B (or small central bead); meaning color A embracing color B
  • 3x3 mm fire-polished beads (or large central bead)
  • 8/0 seed beads, which will embrace the 3x3 mm fire-polished bead
  • JBB toggle, thread, scissors and beading mat.

Weaving instructions for the flat Cellini:

  • line up little heaps of beads in the sequence you want to maintain
  • leave about 40 cm tail thread so you may easily add your clasp afterwards

flat Cellini - row 1 and 2

  • set up row one and two: two 11/0 color A, two 11/0 color B, two 11/0 color A, two 8/0 and two 3 mm beads

flat Cellini - row 3

  • row three in regular even-count peyote: skip a 3 mm bead, add a 8/0, skip a 8/0 bead, add a 3 mm bead, skip a 11/0 A bead, add a 8/0, skip a 11/0 B bead, add a 11/0 color A, skip a 11/ A bead and add a 11/0 color B
  • you end up with 8/0, 3 mm, 8/0 + color A, color B on top = ABA + ab (a is missing) pattern
  • as a consequence, you have added a bead in the same color as the one you just went thru and will do so whenever you work towards the tail

flat Cellini - working towards tail

  • the moreover, you added a bead to each second bead of a pair and when you look back on your work you will see that the beads are lined up diagonally

SEE - part 2

LEARN and CREATE – the not so flat, flat Cellini bracelet - part 2

CONTINUATION: the flat Cellini

  • persevere as once you have finished the first four rounds, it will become easier
  • row four: continue regular peyote by adding to every second bead a bead in the same color as the one you want to go thru; for instance, you have to go thru a 11/0 B, you add a 11/0 B, you want to go thru a color A, you add a color A and so on
  • in short, you make the opposite color choice when you work away from the tail than when you work towards the tail; you pick up a bead in the same color as the one you will go thru

flat Cellini - working away from tail

**note, all even rows will be constructed in this way, to add a bead you look forwards to the color/size of the following bead**

  • row five: you recommence the "small" diagonal color scheme from the start (aba) by skipping a 8/0 and adding one 11/0 A,

flat Cellini - row 5 - recommence aba

  • to continue row five you add a bead in the same color as the one you just left; for example, you come out of a 8/0, you add a 8/0, coming out of a 3 mm, add 3 mm and so on

***all odd rows are built in this way, to add a color/size you look backwards to the bead you left***

  • Do tighten your thread regularly as it will give you that curly shape you seek
  • row six: you want to go thru a 11/0 A, add a 11/0 A and continue ** … **
  • row seven: skip 11/0 A, add a new 11/0 B and continue *** … ***
  • row eight: add a 8/0, continue ** … **
  • row nine: add a 11/0 A (or the second a of the aba color scheme) … and … continue *** … ***

Flat Cellini Stitch

  • while your bracelet takes shape, the scalloped texture will appear more and more
  • finish by attaching a toggle clasp and enjoy your creation

Choose your beads and findings @ http://dunebeads.com/en/czech-fire-polished-round-beads !

Do not forget: practice makes perfect. Have fun, see you soon!