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The year ahead in color: go for a golden spring and summer 2019

Wishing you … a rainbow … of wishes that come true !

2019 announces itself as happy and cheerful with Pantone proclaiming “Living Coral” as the color of the year.

It is one of the four core colors going:

  • from “Living Coral”, a golden peachy pink
  • “Turmeric”, a vibrant yellow orange
  • “Fiesta”, an orange red
  • to “Jester Red”, a deep burgundy red, which also suit a more classic style.

So do not only think not of … coral ... but also of Sunstone, peachy moonstone, peachy red Aventurine, Carnelian, white lace red jasper, red petrified wood, red imperial jasper and so on. All orange-red tones will mix well with coppery and golden metals to create that joyful fashion statement.

Pantone 2019 - core colors

The rest of the palette consists of:

  • two extra pink tones: a cotton candy pink “Sweet Lilac” and a vibrant Mexican pink called “Pink Peacock”
  • two warm yellows and one brown tone: a canary yellow “Aspen Gold”, a primary yellow “Mango Mojito” and a caramel color “Toffee”
  • two yellow-green tones: “Pepper Stem”, being a moss green and “Terrarium Moss”, the deeper toned-down hue
  • and one blue tone: “Princess Blue”, a bright royal blue or azure.

Pantone 2019 in pink and gold

Pantone 2019 - green, blue, brown

For a classic look Pantone suggests mixing them with:

  • “Eclipse”, a deep midnight blue
  • “Soybean”, a medium beige
  • “Sweet Corn”, a subtle creamy white
  • or “Brown Granite”, a saturated coffee brown.

Pantone 2019 - classic

Whether you choose for a bold or a subtle creation … may your year be cheerful with https://dunebeads.com/en/shop ... enjoy !