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LEARN and CREATE – the Triangle-Angle Weave and the “Manhattan” bracelet

The Triangle-Angle Weave (TAW), a variation on RAW (Right-Angle Weave), could have stepped out of the Art Deco period. Its repetitive geometrical pattern seems to beg for straight lines and bold colors. Contrary to RAW, where you work with four beads and where the middle beads always remain parallel, the central beads in TAW are at an angle. The basic idea of weaving in a circle is the same, however. If you are not familiar with RAW, have a look @ https://dunebeads.com/en/learn-and-create-a-delightful-stretchy-summer-bracelet-in-right-angle-weave-part-1 and 2.

Sleek and sophisticated, the “Manhattan” bracelet can be worn by itself, hold charms or have a https://dunebeads.com/en/search?q=connector in the middle. As you will be working with small beads, the circular weaving in this tutorial has been reduced to a bare minimum.

Manhattan bracelet


This basic stitch requires no previous experience.

Supplies for the « Manhattan » bracelet:

  • 11/0 Japanese Delica beads
  • polyethylene thread (fishing line) for an invisible effect or S-lon thread in the color of your choice
  • a small toggle clasp
  • needle size 10 or 12, scissors and a bead mat

Weaving instructions for the « Manhattan » bracelet:

  • cut off about 1,5 meter thread and leave about 20 cm tail thread to attach the toggle
  • pick up 3 Delica beads and pass your needle back through the first 2 beads you picked up

TAW Manhattan bracelet - start 1

TAW Manhattan bracelet - start, triangle 1

TAW Manhattan bracelet - triangle building

  • pick up 2 Delica beads and circle through the second bead of the previous round
  • note: you just made a U-turn

TAW Manhattan bracelet - building next triangle

  • pass your needle through the next bead, which is one of the beads you just added

TAW Manhattan bracelet - get in place for next triangle

  • pick up 2 Delica beads
  • make a U-turn and stitch back through the bead you just left

TAW Manhattan bracelet - adding 2 beads

  • pass your needle through the following bead

TAW Manhattan bracelet - getting to next triangle

  • pick up 2 Delica beads and make a U-turn

SEE - part 2


LEARN and CREATE – the Triangle-Angle Weave and the “Manhattan” bracelet - part 2

PART 2: the "Manhattan" bracelet

TAW Manhattan bracelet - detail

  • continue till you have reached the desired length
  • add a small toggle clasp who can serve as a centerpiece of the bracelet
  • weave the thread into your work piece
  • have fun!

TAW Manhattan bracelet


  • use multiple contrasting colors in the bracelet
  • add a charm at the toggle
  • if you work with a single color, give the bracelet an extra edge and use a thread in a contrasting color
  • you could replace the Delica by: Japanese seed beads or 3x3 mm fire-polished Czech beads. The latter may require that you make an additional
  • pass through the beads to assure the triangle shape.

We used the following beads:


Thank you for choosing your beads and finding @ https://dunebeads.com/en !

Happy day, see you soon!