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LEARN and CREATE – the “Feather” bracelet - part 1

The stunning “Feather” bracelet is nothing more than an application of the flat Peyote stitch. We chose to accentuate the middle line - which breaks the row in two halves - and selected multiple colors to create a feather-like illusion. For sure, you will have more than one fan of your “Feather” bracelet.

Feather bracelet - view

For your convenience, have a look @


Pay close attention to the middle line, as it is the only place you have to add two beads without skipping a bead. It is also important to remember that you do not fill out the last gap of each row in order to maintain the V-shape.

Supplies for the «Feather» bracelet:

  • 11/0 Japanese Delica beads (cylinder beads) in four colors: color A, color B or middle color, color C and color D
  • a button of your choice
  • S-lon thread size D and needle #12
  • scissors and a bead mat

Weaving instructions for the «Feather» bracelet:

  • cut off a comfortable length of thread – or if you do not wish to add thread cut off about 3 meter
  • keep a tail thread of about 15 cm
  • put a stop bead in a different color on your thread and fix it in place by making several passes through the bead, you will remove it to attach the clasp
  • set-up round: pick up 6 Delica in color A, 4 Delica in color B and 6 Delica in color A or a total of 16 beads

Feather bracelet - set up round

  • note: color B is the color forming the middle line of the bracelet
  • remember: the set-up round in Peyote contains the beads of the first and the second round
  • round 3: pick up a Delica A, skip the first bead and pass your needle through the second bead

Feather bracelet - round 3, start

  • to summarize: pick up a bead, skip the next bead and pass your needle through the following bead - do this three more times – to add a total of 4 beads, meaning an even number of beads
  • note: you have reached the middle line of the bracelet
  • to create the V-shape of your bracelet, pick up two Delica in color B, do not skip any beads, but pass your needle through the next Delica

Feather bracelet - round 3, add 2 middle beads

  • to finish the second leg of row 3: pick up a Delica A, skip the next bead and pass your needle through the following bead – repeat two more times – to add a total of 3 beads or an odd number of beads
  • to finish the row you will add exceptionally a fourth Delica and fasten it by going in the opposite direction through the underlying Delica

Feather bracelet - round 3, last bead

SEE - part 2

LEARN and CREATE – the “Feather” bracelet - part 2

CONTINUATION: the "Feather" bracelet

  • to go to the 4th row and fill the gap, you pull the thread upwards between the beads
  • round 4: pick up a Delica A and pass your needle through the next bead – repeat three more times – till you reach the middle
  • pick up 2 beads B for the middle part and go on without skipping a bead

Feather bracelet - adding 2 middle beads

  • continue the Peyote stitch in color A to fill out the next three gaps
  • note: in order to maintain the V-shape, you will no fill out the fourth gap at the end of each row
  • important: each row has the same pattern – add 4 beads, 2 middle beads and 3 beads

Feather bracelet - each round, add 4 and 2 and 3 beads

  • whenever you change color, check if both sides have the same number of rounds
  • to finish your bracelet, zigzag towards the two beads at the top of the bracelet
  • make a small loop and add a button to it
  • pass your needle several times through the loop
  • when finished, zigzag again through your work and cut off the thread
  • with the tail thread add a larger loop – depending the size of your button – in between the V-shape and make several passes through it
  • zigzag through your piece and cut off the thread
  • … have fun !

Feather bracelet - view sample


  • for a wider bracelet start with 8 beads in color A, 4 beads in color B and 8 beads in color A
  • you can make each section of the V-shape as large as you want and use as many colors as you like
  • you could also keep each section in the same color, without accentuating the middle line
  • and of course, you could incorporate a pattern in the sides too

We used the following beads:


Thank you for choosing your beads and finding @ https://dunebeads.com/en/ !

Happy day, see you soon!