Cabled Wire

Cabled wire is an assembly of strands encased in a nylon sheath.

Flex-rite, our Japanese cabled wire is offered on mini spools and forms an excellent introduction to the world of stringing. This highly flexible quality wire of dune beads is also a great choice for your beading classes and workshops.


  • As a general rule you use the largest diameter wire that fits through your beads; this will ensure a durable and strong design. We suggest you use 0,019” as your multi-purpose wire.


  • Strands are all about flexibility. Choose 49 strands for extreme flexibility and 7 strands for designs that need little flexibility.
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Flex-rite beading wire, medium, 49 strands, 0.018", pearl silver

Flex-rite stainless steel cabled wire, 49 strands, nylon coated – 0,018”/25 gauge/0,45 mm – medium – pearl silver – 3.05 m/10 ft spool