Czech Druk Beads - Smooth Round and Cylindrical Beads

Smooth round forms are lovely accents when mixed in with faceted beads. This versatile pressed glass bead adds texture as well as a dash of color to your creations. Consider them also as finishing beads before attaching the clasp, there where a smooth bead will be much appreciated. Mix them with your gemstones and add a touch of transparency to your creations.

Pressed beads from dune beads add beauty and make a design even more affordable.

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8x8 mm, round, Czech druk beads, black, opaque, deep purple satin finishing, pre-strung, 25 beads

Czech pressed beads or druk beads, round, 8x8 mm - color: black, opaque, deep purple satin finishing – pre-strung – one unit has 25 beads
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