Czech Fire-polished Glass Beads

From the 14th century and until today Czech glass beads are still produced in hundreds of small cottage industry bead and button factories around the Bohemian region, that's why they are also called Bohemian glass beads.

Fire-polished glass beads own their name to the heating process used to polish the faceted beads. The secret combination of fire and outstanding glass guarantees colorfast softly rounded facet shapes and ... what we at dune beads feel, the best glass beads in the world.


  • dune beads sells only beads from independent artisans offering each year new color combinations
  • hole sizes:
    • 3 mm till 8 mm beads: 0.92 mm - or max. 20 ga wire
    • 10 mm beads: 1.03 mm - or max. 18 ga wire