From Yellow to Olive Green Gemstones

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12x30 mm, long chips, gemstone, druzy agate, golden yellow, one strand

Gemstone, druzy agate (agate with tiny crystals), rough, golden yellow, +/- 12x30 mm, long chips, top-drilled – metalized – Mohs' hardness 6.5-7.0 - one strand is +/- 40 cm and has +/- 20 beads
From €22.96

15x22 mm, medium to large, cut nuggets, gemstone beads, citrine, natural, rough

Gemstone, golden yellow citrine, natural, rough, 15x22-20x30 mm, cut nuggets, graduated – Mohs' hardness 7.0 - one strand is +/- 40 cm and has +/- 12 beads
From €21.49