Jade beads and its friends

Nephrite and Jadeite are the two minerals recognized as gemstone jade. Canadian jade is a Nephrite, while Burmese jade belongs to the Jadeite group. Our tinted white jade or "Candy jade" is created from A-grade white Jadeite. The heating and dyeing process stands in for its vibrant colors which go all the way to the core of the bead. Jade is said to bring joy, vivacity & happiness.

Mashan jade or Mountain jade on the other hand is white dolomite that is often dyed to enhance its beauty. It is said to restore the balance between body & mind and to relieve stress.

Malaysian jade is an often dyed translucent chalcedony and a lot harder than Mashan jade.

Natural Bowenite is a compact variety of antigorite and hence a serpentine. It is softer than jade, but has a similar greasy silky luster and translucency. It ranges in color from dark green to light olive green, and in shades approaching yellow. The trade names for this serpentine are 'new jade', 'olive jade', 'soochow jade' and so on. Lemon jade is the light yellow-green version. Carl Fabergé liked to use bowenite in his jewelry.

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3x6 mm, saucer, gemstone beads, lemon jade, natural

Gemstone, lemon jade or creamy yellow serpentine, natural, 3x6 mm, saucer-shaped beads - Mohs' hardness 4.0-6.0 - one unit is +/- 19 cm and has +/- 46 beads
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