Jasper(s) in plural - part 1

Jasper is considered the stone of balance and peace.  Although jasper may contain fine grained clay, it is often classified between the micro-crystalline varieties of quartz. In its chemical composition it is similar to agate, but it is more opaque. The colors generally range from yellow, red, reddish brown to green. Jasper carries many names, some referring to their matrix or to their origin, others to rivers and mountains and so on ... however, not all that falls under the heading of jasper is actually jasper ... quite some volcanic igneous rock calls itself jasper.

African turquoise is a spotted light blue-green jasper mined in Africa and is so called for its matrix resemblance to turquoise. It is actually a harder gemstone than the soft turquoise. It is said to encourage personal growth and evolution.

6x6 mm, African turquoise, gemstone beads

Earthy brown jasper also shows off large quartz bands and thin red lines. Brown being the color of the earth, this jasper connects us with nature and provides a calming stability.

Indonesian Bumble Bee or Bumblebee jasper … or the scent of danger … is a volcanic stone with sulfur layers and hematite traces from around Mount Papandayan in West Java. It is softer (Mohs' hardness 4.0-5.0) than jasper and often stabilized.

Bumble Bee jasper

Crocodile jasper (Kambamba/Kambaba Jasper or Stromatolite jasper) has cores of algae which are coated with layers of iron sulfide. Over time the algae circles were replaced by blue-green minerals held in layers of black and yellow brown iron sulfide. This gemstone is found in northwestern Madagascar (South-Africa). It is believed to be a stone of transformation and change and said to soothe the nerves and to alleviate stress.

Fancy Jasper shows off a whimsical color combination of creamy beige, light grey, lavender blue, lilac pink and shades of green. To deepen the lavender and lilac mix, add Amethyst or lavender blue Malaysian Jade. If you want to accentuate the greens, mix it with green Aventurine. As this is an opaque gemstone, it would be interesting to add glass beads in those colors. Fancy Jasper brings tranquility and relaxation.

Heliotrope, also known as “Bloodstone”, is a dark green to dark blue-green opaque jasper with reddish spots of hematite or iron oxide (Fe2O3). The natural green color is produced by mineral sediments of marine water. Its name means “sun turning” in reference to the way it reflects light. It is the traditional birthstone of March and said to give courage, strength and good luck.

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