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Jewelry and Gifts

Expressing love or tenderness ... with jewelry ... is an art. It contains an assessment of the person, as well as an everlasting memory.  Is she sweet or spicy ... what is his favorite color?  So many decisions  ... but take your time. Anyway, you cannot really go wrong with dune beads' jewelry.

Sterling silver is a rather soft metal that tarnishes, for that reason most of the silver jewelry has a bright plating of much harder rhodium to ensure years of carefree gentle wearing.

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34x34 mm, pendant, Greek ceramic daisy, honey yellow enamel

Handmade Greek ceramic Daisy, pendant - 34x34 mm, 7,2 mm hole – honey yellow enamel – 1 piece
From €1.97

41x50 mm, bonded diamonds in brass on turquoise enamel, pendant, Zamak, brass-plated

European Zamak pendant, 41x50 mm, trapezoidal – bonded diamond design in brass on turquoise enameled field, backside in diamond motif - double sided, brass-plated, brown patina - 1 piece
From €13.80

Cufflinks and tie clips, rectangular, topaz golden yellow crystals, silver-plated

Cufflinks & tie clips, Fratello – 2x1,5 cm, rectangular, hammered, silver-plated – topaz golden yellow crystals – one boxed set

Cufflinks, rectangular, peridot green crystals, silver-plated

Cufflinks, Fratello – 2x1,5 cm rectangular, silver-plated – transparent peridot green crystals – one boxed set