Lava rock, Obsidian and Rhyolite Beads

Lava rock symbolizes fertility and stands for our relationship with Mother Earth.  It should provide strength and endurance.

Another version of lava rock is Obsidian, because it is vitrified by rapid cooling. Because Obsidian has a high silicic acid content it is considered a ryolite. Its color is determined by the material with which the lava came into contact. With snowflakes obsidian it are spherical crystals.

Obsidian brings out the hidden truth and exposes flaws and weaknesses.  It's a merciless truth-seeker that forms a shield against evil.

Rhyolite is a volcanic outflow rock that resembles granite because its solidification process takes a little longer than for Obsidian. Therefore, it consists of small crystals of quartz and feldspar and exists in colors ranging from white to green and pink-red.

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6x9 mm, drum-shaped, gemstone beads, leopard skin jasper or red Mexican Rhyolite, red, natural

Gemstone, red leopard skin jasper or red Mexican Rhyolite, natural, 6x9 mm, drum-shaped beads - Mohs' hardness 6.5-7.0 - one unit is +/- 19 cm and has +/- 21 beads
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