LEARN and CREATE – A fantasy on the ladder stitch «Dancing rectangles» - part 1

« Dancing rectangles » is a 6 mm large, slender bracelet that will charm young and old alike. Like the basic ladder stitch, « Dancing rectangles » is an easy beginner's project, but you will work with two beads at a time instead of one bead. If you are not familiar with the https://dunebeads.com/en/learn-and-create-the-flat-brick-stitch-on-a-foundation-of-ladder-stitch-part-1, try it out first. It will give you a good understanding of the thread path you will use here.

Dancing rectangles


Understanding the thread path and controlling the thread tension. Too much tension and the top beads sit askew, too little and the beads do not line up nicely.

Supplies for the “Dancing rectangles” bracelet:

  • 11/0 Japanese Miyuki Delica beads
  • S-lon thread or polyethylene (fishing line), John James needles # 10 or #12
  • clasp (optional), scissors and a bead mat

Weaving instructions for the “Dancing rectangles” bracelet:

  • take a comfortable length of thread
  • pick up 4 Delicas and circle back till your thread sits on the same side as the tail thread

Dancing rectangles - start

  • pick up 2 Delicas and circle back till you end at the top of the row you added

Dancing rectangles - 1st rectangle, add 2 beads

Dancing rectangles - 1st rectangle

  • pick up 4 Delicas and go DOWN through the outer stack of two beads you just exited

Dancing rectangles - 2nd rectangle - start

  • you have put a square on top of your rectangle
  • pass your needle UP through the two preceding beads and also through the closest two beads of the four you put on top

Dancing rectangles - 2nd rectangle - attach in place

Dancing rectangles - 2nd rectangle, fixing in place

  • go DOWN with your needle through the outer two Delicas

Dancing rectangles - 2nd rectangle - getting in place to add beads

  • to complete the rectangle : pick up 2 Delicas, circle back DOWN through the preceding set of two and go UP through the two last beads

Dancing rectangles - 2nd rectangle - adding 2 beads

  • note : you always work with pairs

Dancing rectangles - getting in place to add next rectangle

SEE - part 2

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