LEARN and CREATE – the « Damselfly » pendant - part 2

CONTINUATION - "Damselfly pendant"

  • for the tail end: pick up one 15/0 seed bead with one thread and cross the threads in the seed bead

Damselfly pendant - to finish cross threads in a seed bead

  • make a few knots and melt the nylon thread with a lighter
  • enjoy!

We used the following beads:

Damselfly pendant,  waterjuffer hangertje, pendentif demoiselle


  • for earrings your loop should be smaller and five or seven 15/0 seed beads may suffice
  • instead of a damselfly, you can also go for a dragonfly and use a 3x11 mm dagger and a 5x16 mm dagger for each wing
  • to make a bigger dragonfly use 6x6 mm round beads

Thank you for choosing your beads and finding @ dunebeads.com!

Happy day, see you soon!

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