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LEARN and CREATE – dance the twist again … with the twisted tubular herringbone weave - part 2

CONTINUATION : Twisted Herringbone Stitch

  • pick up 2x color B and go 2 levels DOWN through the 2nd color B

Twisted herringbone - add 2 beads in colors B

  • go UP through the 1st color C on the top level

Twisted herringbone - get ready to add color C

  • pick up 2x color C and go 2 levels DOWN through the 2nd color C

Twisted herringbone - adding color C

  • as a consequence, in each round you go 2 levels DOWN and 1 level UP
  • exception: to access the next round, the step-up demands each time that you go 2 levels UP in the 1st color A

Twisted herringbone - each step-up 2 beads up

  • ergo, in color A you always go 2 levels UP and 2 levels DOWN

Twisted herringbone - each step-up 2 beads down

  • to summarize: 2 levels UP in A, 2 levels DOWN in A, 1 level UP in B, 2 levels DOWN in B, 1 level UP in C, 2 levels DOWN in C and repeat
  • after a few rows, you will see how the spiral develops in the rope

Twisted herringbone - loose beads at end of columns

  • when reaching the desired length, attach the loose beads of the last row and finish the top with a big bead or a bead cap and a toggle
  • enjoy !

Hints :

You can create this twisted rope with:

  • smaller seed beads - 15/0, 13/0, 11/0 -
  • or with bigger beads such as 4x4 mm Czech beads 
  • and even mix the sizes for a very different look.

Thank you for choosing your beads and findings @ https://dunebeads.com/en/shop !

Happy day, see you soon!

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