LEARN and CREATE – “Like no other” herringbone rope - part 2

CONTINUATION: "Like no other" herringbone rope

Like no other, herringbone - round 3

  • pick up one Cali, one seed bead, one Cali and go through the next Cali bead

Like no other, herringbone - completing round 3

  • pick up a seed bead and go through the next Cali as well as through the bottom hole of the first Cali you added in this round
  • note: when you add Cali beads you are starting the next round, when you add just one seed bead you tighten the structure

Like no other, herringbone - step-up or U-turn round 4

  • fourth round: make a step-up by passing your needle through the second hole of the Cali you just exited, in other words make a U-turn

Like no other, herringbone -round 4, top view

  • pick up a 3 mm bead and pass the needle through the second hole of the next Cali, repeat three more times
  • note: ignore the seed bead of the previous round
  • next round: see third round
  • next round: see fourth round
  • continue building up the rope by adding round three and four alternately
  • proceed until you have the desired length by repeating the instructions of the third and fourth round and end in a way similar to the start
  • to finish off the rope, you could add on each side a large bead cap or a small rondelle bead
  • add a toggle clasp and enjoy!

Like no other, herringbone - side view


  • to accentuate the V-shapes, choose the 3x3 mm bead in a contrasting color
  • play with color variations for the Cali bead and keep the other beads in one color scheme

Thank you for choosing your beads and findings @ https://dunebeads.com/en/czech-cali-beads-with-3-holes !

Happy day, see you soon!

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