LEARN and CREATE – “My Heart” bracelet or herringbone with a twist - part 3

CONTINUATION: "My Heart" bracelet

  • note: you went through 1 seed bead, 1 druk bead and 9 seed beads to get in place for the next heart-shape

My Heart bracelet - pass your needle thru the seed bead above the previous druk bead and thru the druk bead

My Heart bracelet - go thru 9 seed beads to reach the tip of the heart-shape

  • to create the next heart-shape: see *pick up 1 druk bead and 4 seed beads … till … reach the top**
  • and repeat the pattern till you have reached the desired length
  • to attach the toggle clasp create a little loop of 5 seed beads at the tip of the last heart
  • reinforce the structure by going back through the thread path
  • create another little loop of 5 seed beads at the other side of “My Heart” bracelet
  • for extra mobility, attach a jump or split ring to each little loop and add a part of the toggle clasp
  • enjoy!

My Heart bracelet - vertical view


  • create the bracelet in a single color or choose druk beads in a different color and keep the seed beads in a single color
  • if you have a odd number of heart-shapes in the bracelet, you could give the middle heart a different color and keep the rest in a single color
  • a single heart could be a lovely earring too

My Heart bracelet - one heart could be an earring too

Thank you for choosing your beads and finding @ https://dunebeads.com/en/ !

Happy day, see you soon!

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