LEARN and CREATE – starring your creation in brick stitch - part 2


Give your beads a color:

  • to multiply the number of beads, go to “Home”
  • click on the “bead”, choose “copy” and “paste”
  • click on a cell in your field so it can appear

brick stitch from scratch - copy the bead

  • click as many times as you wish on “paste” to add a bead in a cell

brick stitch from scratch - multiply the bead

  • when you click on a bead, “Drawing Tools” with underneath the mention “Format” will appear at the top
  • there are options to change: the shape fill (color), the shape outline (color) and the shape effects (shadow, ...)

brick stitch from scratch - give the beads a different color

brick stitch from scratch - give the beads a different color, change the outline and add a shadow

  • have fun and choose the bead colors

Give your creativity wings:

  • copy and paste the colored beads in your graph
  • for the brick stitch, do not forget to put the beads in the cells in one row and put the beads in between the cells in the next row

brick stitch from scratch - creating

Get supplies for “Your Design”:

  • choose 11/0 Delica beads for a flat surface or seed beads a more rounded appearance
  • polyethylene thread (fishing line or Fireline)
  • James John needle #10 or #12
  • scissors and a bead mat

Start beading:

Chart, Kawaii Kitten

Thank you for choosing your beads and finding @ dunebeads.com/en/!

Happy day, see you soon!

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