LEARN and CREATE – the « Climbing » bracelet - part 2

CONTINUATION: the "Climbing" bracelet

Climbing bracelet - detail

  • to attach the clasp, consider each part as a B bead:
  • pick up a color A and a part of the toggle clasp
  • pass your needle through the 1st bead of a set B–B
  • go up and down the rope and a part of the toggle clasp while making half hitch knots (=overhand knots) to secure the thread
  • do the same on the other side
  • enjoy your creativity!


  • make the bracelet in a single color especially if you want it to hold charms or beaded beads
  • if you work with a single color, give the bracelet an extra edge and use a thread in a contrasting color

Climbing bracelet in one color

We used the following beads in this tutorial:

Thank you for choosing your beads and finding @ https://dunebeads.com/en !

Happy day, see you soon!

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