LEARN and CREATE – the « Kawaii Kitten », an element in brick stitch

With the brick stitch, it is really easy to increase and decrease and to create different shapes. The visual difference between the brick and the peyote stitch sits in the direction of the beads: in the first the beads lay vertically, while in the second they lay horizontally. As the brick stitch has a natural tendency to decrease, this little element will learn you different ways to increase. You can use the « Kawaii Kitten » as a pendant or a keychain pendant.


In the brick stitch the right thread tension is really important to ensure the beauty of your needlework. Neither too tight, nor too loose will do well.

Supplies for the «Kawaii Kitten»:

  • 11/0 Delica beads in four colors: Delica A (outline), Delica B, Delica C (details), Delica D (details)
  • polyethylene thread (fishing line or fireline)
  • James John needle #10 or #12
  • scissors and a bead mat

Chart, Kawaii Kitten

Weaving instructions for «Kawaii Kitten»:

  • cut off a comfortable length of thread
  • create a base row in ladder stitch
  • pick up 2x Delica A and circle back through the 1st Delica
  • pass your needle through the next bead
  • note : the 2 Delica's sit next to each other
  • to secure your beads: circle up and down through every bead once more till you get to the other side
  • you end up opposite the tail thread
  • *pick up 1x Delica A, circle back through the last bead
  • pass through the bead you just added to get in place for the next bead
  • go back through the previous bead as well as through the bead you added**
  • repeat *...** nine more time to line up 12 beads
  • note : with each bead you add, your thread ends up in the opposite direction of the previous position
  • pictures and beginner's guide - https://dunebeads.com/en/learn-and-create-the-flat-brick-stitch-on-a-foundation-of-ladder-stitch-part-1
  • continue in brick stitch:
  • note: in the brick stitch you attach the beads by passing your needle underneath the thread in between 2 Delica's of the previous round
  • remember: to finish a thread or add a new thread, go with your needle diagonally through your work piece and add some half hitch knots
  • 2nd round: pick up 1x set Delica A + Delica B (or a total of 2 beads)
  • pass your needle underneath the thread between the 2 Delica's of the previous round

Kawaii Kitten - round 2, start brick stitch

Kawai Kitten - round 2, attach a set of beads

  • go with your needle up through the 2nd bead you just added
  • note : you increased the number of beads
  • to add another Delica B, pass your needle underneath the thread in between the next set of Delica's
  • and go up through the bead you just added
  • continue in the same way and add 1x Delica A, 1x Delica B, 1x Delica A, three times 1x Delica B, 1x Delica A, 2 times 1x Delica B
  • make another increase and pick up 1x Delica A, go with your needle DOWN through the last bead of the previous round and Up through the previous bead of that round


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