LEARN and CREATE – the “Two Seasons” bracelet

Enjoy the summer and a lovely simple stringing project ... with a WOW effect ... in Ginkgo leaf beads. The Ginkgo, a huge non-flowering tree, is the only living species of its division and has unusual fan-shaped leaves. This attractive leaf in vivid green is the symbol of Tokyo (Japan), but is mostly known for its striking yellow beauty. By the way, the Ginkgo can live up to a thousand years. Have fun with your “Two Seasons” bracelet!

two seasons bracelet


No previous knowledge is necessary. To maintain the bracelet's flexibility, do not tighten the thread too much.

Supplies for the «Two Seasons» bracelet:

  • 7,5x7,5 mm Ginkgo beads in two colors: color A and color B
  • 4x4 mm round pressed Czech beads (druk beads)
  • 11/0 Toho seed beads
  • 8/0 Japanese seed beads (2,5 mm)
  • polyethylene thread (fishing line or Fireline) and James John needle #10
  • toggle clasp or lobster clasp
  • scissors and a bead mat

Weaving instructions for the «Two Seasons» bracelet:

  • cut off a comfortable length of thread and keep about 15 to 20 cm tail thread
  • string on a stop bead and make a few passes through it
  • to calculate the number of beads of the setup, take into account the size of your bracelet and double the number
  • example: for a 16 cm bracelet, you need to string 38 beads; for a 18 cm bracelet you need 40 Ginkgo beads
  • note: do not forget to take the size of your clasp in account
  • choose always an EVEN TOTAL of Ginkgo beads to fill out the first two rows (similar to the Peyote stitch start)
  • example: for a 16 cm bracelet you need 19 beads of color A and 19 beads of color B for the first two rows (or 38 Ginkgo beads if you use only one color)
  • in other words, one color A for the outside row and one color B for the inside row
  • string alternately one bead in color A and one bead in color B with the tip of the bead towards your stop bead and range them along the middle line
  • as a consequence, the leaf beads fit snugly one into the other

two seasons bracelet - start, stringing

  • to make a U-turn and go to the next round: pick up two 11/0 seed beads, one 8/0 seed bead and two 11/0 seed beads and go down through the next hole of the last Ginkgo bead

two seasons bracelet - turn for row 3

  • pick up one Ginkgo leaf in color A and go through the outer hole of the next leaf
  • repeat until the end of the row

two seasons bracelet - add 3rd row of ginkgo beads

  • remove the stop bead
  • to finish the row, pick up one Ginkgo beads in color A, two 11/0 seed beads, one 8/0 seed bead and two 11/0 seed beads and tie the working thread and the tail thread together

two seasons bracelet - 2nd turn to go to round 4

two seasons bracelet - knot tail and work thread together

  • do not tighten the threads too much in order to keep the bracelet's flexibility

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25/07/2020 10:13
So very nice of you to provide this awesome bracelet tutorial !!!! Beautiful bracelet !!!