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Zamak is a family of lead- & nickel-free alloys with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminum, magnesium and copper. While zinc alloys are popularly referred to as 'white metal', European Zamak is held to higher industrial standards. Zamak alloys are distinguished from the other zinc aluminum alloys by their constant 4% aluminum composition.

Zamak components are the perfect complement for all your leather and cord projects. And why not add a colorful touch to your creation with some beads of dune beads' extensive ceramic collection?

Do you want to know more about the importance of the terms "hypoallergenic, nickel-free and lead-free", then take a look @ http://dunebeads.com/en/metals-and-allergies

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16x16 mm, cornflake disks, Zamak beads, copper-plated

Cornflake beads, 16x16 mm - multi-functional disk – 3 mm large hole - European Zamak, copper-plated, brown patina – 1 piece
From €0.58

21x21 mm, button type, Zamak beads, silver-plated

European Zamak, button type - 21x21 mm, 2,5 mm hole – disk - silver-plated, black patina – two triangular holes, 3x2 mm - geometrical design, single sided – 1 piece
From €0.90

21x23 mm, cornflake disk, Zamak beads, silver-plated

European Zamak, cornflake beads, 21x23 mm - disk – 3 mm large hole - silver-plated, black patina - 1 piece
From €0.91

6x6mm, rhinestone squadrel, brass beads, crystal-silver-plated, 20 pieces

Brass beads, rhinestone squadrel, 6x6 mm – crystal rhinestone, silver-plated - one unite has 20 pieces
From €3.22

7x12 mm, puffy coin, sterling silver beads, textured

Sterling silver beads, puffy coin, 7x12 mm – black antique patina - double-sided textured design – 1 piece
From €6.13

7x7 mm, flower, Zamak beads, copper-plated, petite petal flower, 10 pieces

European Zamak, flower beads, flat round, 7x7x3.7 mm – 1.7 mm large hole - petite petal flower - copper-plated, brown patina – set of 10 pieces
From €2.52