October's Birthstones - About hope, opal and tourmaline

Happy birthday to you, October child. Your birthday flower, the Calendula or Marigold, comes in gorgeous golden yellows and meant 'my thoughts are with you' in Victorian times. A lovely message for a sunny flower with medicinal properties and promises of vitality.

Your birthstones are tourmaline and opal and said to soothe sorrow and restore hope.

Tourmaline is a highly colorful stone available in lots of colors appealing to a wide variety of gem collectors. But the opal is not less mesmerizing. This form of hydrated silica ranges from milky white to black with flashes of all the colors of the rainbow and comes mainly from Australia.

Have a colorful birthday !

October's child is born for woe,
And life's vicissitudes must know,
But lay an opal
on her breast,
And hope will lull those woes to rest.

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