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Tiny Beads

Seed beads are made of tiny pieces of glass cane. Historically the size of the bead refers to the number of beads that go approximately into an inch. As a consequence the bigger the bead, the less beads go into the inch and the smaller the size number is (ex. the bead in size 8/0 is bigger than the one in size 15/0). Dune beads carries seed beads from the Czech Republic and from Japan. 

Czech seed beads are generally colored in the mass and have a rounder shape than their counter parts. They are particularly well suited for flexible shapes and will add a lovely texture to your artwork. 

Japanese seed beads are straighter, more tubular in shape. They have also slightly larger holes than the Czech ones for the same bead size. As a consequence Japanese seed beads work very well in closely woven patterns and the moreover they come in a huge variety of colors too. Do not forget they are also perfect spacers.

For tutorials, please visit http://dunebeads.com/en/blog !

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Japanese seed beads, size 8/0, turquoise green, silver-lined, frosted

Japanese seed bead, round – Size 8/0 - Glass, silver-lined, matte – Color: turquoise green – One unit has approx. 20 grams