TIPS and TRICKS for NEWBIES - stringing beads on one wire

You have installed yourself and you really feel like giving it a go ?

To begin with, we recommend the following:

  • determine the length of your jewelry piece by using an existing necklace or bracelet, hereby keeping in mind the length of the clasp
  • choose beads of different sizes, shapes and/or colors
  • in need of help to choose your colors - on you will find a color wheel and of course you may always visit our blog.


  • bead board or a soft towel in a neutral color
  • for a necklace: choose a variety of beads with an average size of 8, 10 or 12 mm
  • cabled wire - total length required: necklace length plus 30 cm
  • a clasp (toggle or lobster claw)
  • two crimp beads
  • chain-nose pliers and flush cutter


  • with your flush cutter cut off the required length of wire
  • arrange your beads on the bead board until you get the desired effect
  • unsure of yourself: start in the middle and build up your design from there
  • whether you opt for symmetry or asymmetry, ensure a balanced structure
  • for an asymmetrical effect, created by the size of the beads, you also have to take into account the weight
  • satisfied with your work - thread the beads on your cabled wire
  • if you use a central point or a pendant, make sure that both sides are equally long
  • with an asymmetrical design: hold up the necklace at eye level and look whether it is as you wish
  • check the total length, taking into account the length of the chosen clasp
  • attach the clasp

How to attach a toggle or lobster clasp:

  • pull the cabled wire through an end bead, a crimp bead and finally through the clasp
  • pull through till about 15 cm from the end
  • thread the wire end back through the crimp bead and the end bead
  • make sure the wires are parallel and do not intersect, because they want to do just that
  • pull so that the crimp falls against the clasp, but make sure there is 2 to 3 mm space left so that the clasp can move freely
  • squeeze the crimp bead flat with the chain-nose pliers
  • hold the wire with your creation in your hand
  • cut the excess wire with the flush cutter, but check out first that you cut the right wire
  • repeat on the other side

The next level - see animation:

Thank you for choosing your beads and findings @ !

Have fun ... see you soon !

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